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10 Sudanese Buildings to Reflect the Diverse Architecture of Africa

Sudanese Buildings: Sudan is located in North Africa, and divided into east and west by the world’s longest river the Nile, is known for its diverse architecture and culture. Sudan has 597 groups that speak over 400 different languages and dialects and that’s a lot, this shows clearly in the architecture of Sudan where each group has its own building techniques depending on the nature of the area and culture.


These Black Collectors Are Shaping the Future of the Art World

In honor of Black History Month, this list features a group of Black collectors with distinct points of view on whom they collect, how and why they purchase art, and what imprint they want their collections to leave on the world.


The Art Of Survival: The Art Of Adire Gave This Textile Artist Global Fame, She Now Educates Generations Of Women In Nigeria

Textile artist Nike Davies-Okundaye worked as a construction laborer and carried water and firewood to survive. The art of adire gave her global fame and she is now educating generations of women in Nigeria.


Decata Podcast: N.O.T.E Clothing's Elias Sibata

Elias Sibata is designer and founder of N.O.T.E Clothing, a gender-fluid clothing brand that does wearable art.