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Elias Sibata

N.O.T.E Clothing

N.O.T.E Clothing is a menswear designer brand that was founded by Elias Sibata in 2010. Elias was born and raised in the vibrant township of Soweto.

The brand’s concepts are shaped by modern culture, taking inspiration from historical events. Artistic detailing and bold styling on menswear has always been one of the things that sets N.O.T.E apart, making the brand the go to for the guy that dares to be bold and different.

‘I enjoy catering for men that love to look good yet different from everyone else,’ says the designer, who is inspired by experience and life itself. He has an eye for fabric with the unique ability to tell as story through his seamless integration of fabric, colour and shapes.

His interest in fashion stared in his early high school years, sparked by his mother who was a factory seamstress and had her own small business as a designer. Her stared helping her by threading the overlocking machine and over time his love fashion grew.

Elias holds a Diploma in Fashion Design obtained at Sew Africa College.

He has showcased at Mpumalanga Fashion Week, Soweto Fashion Week, SA Fashion Week and various other promotional platforms.

As a stylist he has worked with numerous counterparts in the industry and is often called on for his talent of creating complete looks.

South Africa