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Leila Abo Tira


Founded in 2017 by Egyptian designer Leila Abo Tira, ALIEL (Leila spelled backward) goes by the slogan creative possessions expressed in art. Every design has its own story and inspiration. While attention to detail and fine finish are a constant of the ALIEL brand, there is no standard signature in the designs, each collection is different and unique.  Each piece talks a different language that represents Leila and every woman.  ALIEL aims to empower and inspire women through pieces of Art. The brand always celebrates originality, individuality, equality, and freedom. ALIEL has launched four previous collections, Half Moon, Moon Lift, Horra, Mow and Ghalia is the fifth.

Growing up in an artistic family, Leila Abo Tira opened her eyes to a world in which art is the main pillar of self- expression. The 29-year-old marketing graduate had much to learn from her family, who have been in the leather-manufacturing business for decades now. She founded ALIEL in 2017 out of love for art and self-expression. Leila does not adhere to a standard signature in designing her bags, she does not want to limit her boundaries to a certain set of designs.