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Ten Mozambican artists paint for Peace on the streets of Maputo


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‘CIN Paints Peace’ is the motto for an initiative which is recruiting Mozambican talent to fill the streets of the capital with the colours of peace.

The challenge was laid down by Tintas CIN which, in collaboration with GROW communication agency, invited 10 Mozambican artists to create artworks on billboards in various parts of Maputo.

The artists painted in full view over the 26th and 27th of August, and the canvases will be on display until September 25th, turning Maputo into an open-air art gallery for about a month.


The action is sponsored by Mozambican visual artist Celestino Mudaulane, who is curating the project, overseeing selection, coordination and artistic direction.

Artists involved include Leodino Langa, Gumatsy, Orquídeo Marrengula, Bernardo Jamisse, Fiel, Djive, Jamal, Carmen, Saranga and Bias.

The canvases were painted with CIN paints, and will be on sale for the duration of the exhibition. They can be purchased directly from the artists, whose contact details are on the billboards themselves.

“This is a unique opportunity to showcase Mozambican art and talent to all of Maputo’s residents and invite the whole country to come together in the name of peace,” Mudaulane says.

Commercial Director of Tintas CIN Mozambique, José Souza Soares, explains that “We have contributed our products to create an artistic and colourful effect, showcasing local artists and filling the streets of the capital with the colours of peace. Involving the whole community in a project turns it into everyone’s project!”


About CIN

Present in Mozambique since 1973, Tintas CIN Moçambique is a market leader and distributes its products through a chain of 11 stores and a factory in Machava, and continues to invest in the market with the aim of increasing installed capacity and enhancing the operational efficiency of its productive units.

As an example of this strong commitment, in 2017 APCER awarded the company the Certification of the Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), Tintas CIN Moçambique thereby becoming the first company in the sector to obtain this double certification in Mozambique.

CIN products have been selected for a number of benchmark projects in the region, including the Bank of Mozambique, the Maputo Railway Station, the Maputo Thermal Power Station, the railing of the new Maputo-Catembe Bridge (the largest suspension bridge in Africa) and the rehabilitation of Hotel Avenida in Maputo.

CIN has a presence in the three main market segments – civil construction, industry and anti-corrosion protection – and has around 1,400 employees in more than 15 countries, with direct representation in Portugal, Spain, France, Poland, Turkey, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and Mexico. It exports to markets in Central Europe, Latin America and Africa.

With over 100 years of experience in the paint and varnish market, CIN is the market leader in the Iberian Peninsula. Consolidated turnover of € 238 million in 2018 makes it the 16th largest European paint manufacturer* and the 47th worldwide**.

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* European Coatings Journal, May 2019
** Coatings World Top Companies Report, July 2019