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Decata’s brand goals are about shared values. Embedded within the brand is: this is my story too, its success is my success.

It is an emotive thought, one about pride, recognition, success, and a complete sense of self. It speaks to the core of the African spirit.

As Africans it is our natural artistry that the world immediately recognises. So loved is our art that museums all over the world are full of our artefacts, sculptures and writings dating back as far as ancient Egypt. Our cave art is known as the oldest in the world.

Never before were African artists given such a spotlight as they are now. Art exhibitions and art fairs have African artists featuring large, with record breaking prices at international auction houses.

Decata invites the viewer to explore and engage. Its content captures the imagination. We start to think of new possibilities, new avenues to channel our energies and as a result economic growth. It caters to our need for unique expression, what sets us apart, at the same time inviting inclusion. It says, here our spirit lives like no other; here we have a culture that lives, that has great worth.

Yet it is a hub of information, as we set about re-educating ourselves to what remains our unique source of wealth.

Made in Africa The new luxury

Decata’s Vision is rooted in longevity, the resilience of the African artistic spirit, for African creativity to take its rightful place in the world as the most valuable, most sought after, most prized art and design.

Decata’s mission captures this renewed outlook to showcase African art to a world that needs and celebrates it for its authenticity and value. It is to accelerate the progression of African creativity.

This is what is at the heart of Decata: education. To educate the world about the value of African art, to educate Africans to value their art.

As Africa’s creative edifice Decata positions itself as the champion of African creativity.

Africa is the home to leading design driven professionals, artist, world class architects, interior designers, design enthusiasts and art lovers.

The Team

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